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Tina Cole is mother of Volney Howard, Chelsea Crank, Samantha Crank and Paj Crank.
The name Chip Douglas is probably going to be on my tombstone. That's neither good nor bad; it's just a fact of life.
~ Stanley Livingston
Tina Cole
Christina Yvonne Cole
4 August 1943, Hollywood, California
Tina Cole (born August 4, 1943) is an American actress and singer. She is best-known for her role as Katie Miller Douglas on the 1960s sitcom My Three Sons. She was also a member of the King Family Singers.

Born as Christina Yvonne Cole, she is the daughter of Yvonne King and Buddy Cole. She has a sister, Cathy Green. She has four grown children.

She is now the director of the Sacramento Children's Theatre. She is also an acting coach at the John Robert Powers acting schools in Roseville and Elk Grove, California.
Tina was/is a member of The King Family Singers.

Also appeared in an early episode of "My Three Sons" (1960) playing a high school classmate of Robbie when the Douglas family lived in Bryant Park. That character was not the same as Katie Miller Douglas, who she played later in the series.

Daughter of Yvonne King and Buddy Cole.

Niece of Luise King, Alyce King, Robert Clarke, Alvino Rey, Donna King and Marilyn King.

She has a sister, Cathy Green, married to producer Jim Green. They have a daughter, Jamie Green, a singer. Tina has 4 children: from her first marriage, son Volney Erskine Howard IV (b. Aug. 3, 1966). He married Jennifer in 2002 and in January 2004 welcomed son, Volney Erskine Howard V! From Tina's second marriage she has 3 children: Fillmore Pajeau Crank III (Paj, b. Aug. 26, 1981), Chelsea Yvonne Crank (b. Mar. 14, 1983) and Samantha Crank (Sammie, Feb. 14, 1985).

Ex-stepdaughter-in-law of Beverly Garland.

Sister-in-law of Jim Green.

Aunt of Jamie Green.

Cousin of Cam Clarke, Ric de Azevedo, Lex de Azevedo, Chris Conkling and Xandra Conkling.

Ex-stepsister-in-law of Carrington Garland. Banner Exchange